1925: All Saints School Dedication with 56 students
Dedication of All Saints School. Photo: compliments of Michael Edward Couch, All Saints Class of 1953. His father, Raymond William Couch, is the altar boy on the left with the candle, the event presumably being the All Saints School Dedication in 1925. Raymond William Couch graduated from All Saints School in 1927. If this picture is dated 1925, the bishop of the Des Moines Archdiocese at that time was Bishop Thomas William Drumm who was bishop from March 28, 1919 until his death on October 24, 1933. Original All Saints School building (of three rooms) in background. Father James Manning is the All Saints pastor. Note: All Saints records indicate when the school was dedicated in 1925, there were 56 students, and the children in this photo number 56. Take your mouse and roll over the altar boy at the left of the cross bearer. That is Raymond Couch. Behind the cross bearer is Frank Shelledy. William "Bill" Francis Richmond and Frank Shelledy served at this dedication Mass. If you can identify anyone in this photo, please email Claradell Shedd at [email protected].
1925: All Saints School Dedication with All Saints Families
enlarged left side of photo
enlarged center section of photo
enlarged right side of photo
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