Class of 1930
(names of deceased in bold blue font)
(get correct picture) First Communion; May, 1923
Photo: compliments of
get First Communion photo for May, 1923. School started in 1924.
(get correct picture) First Communion; May, 1923 or thereabouts
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
Confirmation; 19?
Confirmation; 19?
Bishop Thomas William Drumm officiating.
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
(get correct picture) May Crowning, May, 1930
Get correct 1930 May Crowning photo
(get correct picture) May Crowning; May, 1930
1st Row names: girl
2nd Row names: Mary Jean Nemmers, girl, Maxine Stenoish, Dorothy Halley, Evangeline Strittmatter, Dorothy Wieland, Mary Jean Nemmers
Eighth Grade Boys - 1930
Eighth Grade Boys; May, 1930
names: boy, Bernard Strittmatter?, William H. Smith or Lester K. Shepard, Jr.?, boy, Fernando Francis Feeley, boy, boy, boy
Eighth Grade Girls - 1930
Eighth Grade Girls; May, 1930
1st Row names: Mary Jean Nemmers?
2nd Row

names: girl, girl, Dorothy Halley, Mary Pauline Lydon, Evangeline Strittmatter?, Dorothy Wieland, girl

Graduation; 1930
Some of the All Saints 1930 Graduates
Fernando Feeley Dorothy Halley Agnes D. Lydon Mary Pauline Lydon
James McGreedy Mary Jean Nemmers Lester K. Shepard,Jr. William H. Smith
Maxine Stenoish Bernard Strittmatter Evangeline Strittmatter Dorothy Wieland
Graduation photos above; May, 1930
1st Row Fernando Francis Feeley, Dorothy Halley, Agnes D. Lydon, Mary Pauline Lydon
2nd Row James McGreedy, Mary Jean Nemmers, Lester K. Shepard, Jr., William H. Smith
3rd Row Mary Maxine Stenoish, Bernard Didicus Strittmatter, Evangeline Lena Strittmatter, Dorothy Wieland
Graduation; May, 1930
1st Row X, X, X, X, X, X, Dorothy Wieland?, X
2nd Row X, X, X, X, Father James Cronin Maher, X, X, X, X
(Potential list of) Names of Graduates
Boys: One boy in graduation class? Marion Banning?, Fernando Francis Feeley (NHS), James McGreedy, Lester K. Shepard (NHS), William H. Smith (NHS), Bernard Didacus Strittmatter, Sr. (NHS)
Girls: Five girls in graduation class: Marion Banning?, Mildred C. Costello Kelly?, Dorothy Halley, Agnes Lydon Fargo Davis, Mary Pauline Lydon Osborne, Mary Jean Nemmers Zaun (NHS), Mary Maxine Stenoish Andrus (NHS), Evangeline Lena Strittmatter Stein (NHS), Dorothy Wieland, Margaret E. Milhelm?(NHS)
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Richard Martin Andrews; Des Moines, IA Roy H. Brede; Medford, WI Kenneth K. Brown "The Fang"; Needham, MA Nevin George Bowser; Wilmette, Illinois Richard Lee Stalcup, North High Class of January, 1949 Robert Lee Gates; North High Class of June, 1949 Robert David Long, North High Class of June, 1949 Deane Gordon Nelsen; North High Class of January, 1949 Theodore Leroy Hatfield; North High Class of June, 1949 Ronald Clair Hartman, Cedar Rapids, IA Therese Lydon Father James C. Maher Donald Rasmussen? Mary Anne Rasmussen