Class of 1942
Kindergarten; 1934
Kindergarten; 1934
1st Row names: Donald Dean Mitchell, boy, boy, boy, boy
2nd Row names: boy, girl, boy, Elizabeth Sheehan?, girl
3rd Row names: girl, girl
(get correct picture) for First Communion; May, 1935
Photo: compliments of Therese Marie Lydon Nielsen
(All Saints School at right)
(names of deceased in bold blue font)
First Communion; May, 1934
1st Row (seated): X, X, Ruth Anderson?, Mary Lou Ries, X, X, X
2nd Row (first row standing): Jim Smith, Donald Dean Mitchell, Patty Boatwright, X, X, X, Phyllis Davitt, X, X, John Holland, Laurence J. "Jim" McMichael
3rd Row (second row standing): (angel on left is Therese Marie Lydon) (angel on right is Mary Ann Rasmussen) John Nemmers, Jim McMichael
4th Row (back row): Father James Cronin Maher, X, Donald W. Gottner?, Richard C. Smith, John R. Rasmussen, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, Donald Volz, X, Sister Victoria
Maybe Second Graders - 1936
Might be Second Graders; 1936 (tentative identification)
Bottom boy, boy, boy, John "Jack" Nemmers?, Donald Dean Mitchell, boy, boy
Top Mary Ann Rasmussen, girl, girl, girl, Mary Jane Schrodt, girl, Darlene Young, Colleen O'Brien, girl, Jacqueline L. Gray
Confirmation; May 18, 1941
Above: Dode McMichael (All Saints, 1943)
and Mary Maloy (All Saints, 1942)
Left: Filing into the church for confirmation.
Capes worn by girls were a royal blue. Girl behind altar boy is Mary Jane Schrodt.
At one time, the Boatwright family may have lived in the house across the street, now demolished and replaced by a small residence.
Confirmation; May 18, 1941
Bishop Bergan officiating?
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
Register of Confirmations - May 18, 1941
Most Reverend Gerald T. Bergan/77 confirmed
(yellow=deceased; years in green indicate individual did not graduate from All Saints)
Yr Name Confirmation
Sponsor Yr Name Confirmation
43 Aiken, Elizabeth
(Betty Jane)
Agnes Arline Logan 43 Holland, Richard Joseph W. Boatwright
41 Aiken, Fred Joseph Junior Lydon 41 Imes, Evelyn Marie Miss Borden
41 Anderson, Ruth Victoria Mrs. Waldo Gottner
Johnson, Mary Jean Mary Van Nordstand
Anderson, Jeanne Mary Mrs. J. Burke
Knight, Jean Marie Patricia Knight
43 Atha, James Darrell Michael Thomas Croak
Kohn, Mary Anne Catherine Iva Didier
43 Boatwright, James Francis Joseph Elmer Holland 43 Lydon, Therese Marie Anne Olive Vaughn
41 Boatwright, M.Patricia Anne Gertrude Boatwright 42 Maloy, Mary Catherine Frances Catherine Caulfield
43 Brewer, Margaret Ann Catherine Rachael Davitt
Martuello, Zoe Margaret x
Brice, Daniel Michael John Damiani 43 Maskrey, Patricia Anne Rose Kuhn
Brice, John Paul F. Damiani 43 McGlynn, Gerald Michael Richard Bowes
41 Brommel, John Edward Bernard John McElwee 43 McMichael Dolores Irene Catherine Mildred Yochum
41 Brommel, Ralph Francis Tarcisius Mr. Senn 41 McMichael, Lawrence J. James W. Nemmers
43 Burken, Mary Jane Frances Margaret Burken 41 Meng, James Vincent Augustine John Herwehe
Burnstein, Miriam Frances x 41 Meng, Mary Anne Eleanor Mrs. A. Herwehe
Campbell, Joseph Michael F. Flynn 43 Miller, Margaret Ruth Anna Marjorie McGlynn
42 Condon, Mary Marge Marjorie Mary Condon 42 Mitchell, Donald Dean John Sam Staly
Daley, Thomas Patrick F. Herwehe 43 Northup, John (Jack) Joseph Jene Melone
42 Davitt, Joan Marie Dorothy Davitt 43 O'Brien, Colleen Mary R. Tazioli
41 Davitt, Phyllis Katherine Helen Brewer
O'Connor, Charles John x
De Mar, Robert Francis x
O'Reilly, John Joseph x
Feeley, John Thomas Michael x 43 Pearson, Mary Margaret Ellen Mrs. M. Hoover
42 Feeley, Mary Ciline Marcella Feeley
Proudfit, Floyd William x
41 Fehn, Mary Anne Elizabeth Mrs. C. Smith
Reese, Thomas Michael James Reese
41 Fitzgerald, William Paul W. Gottner 41 Ries, Mary Lou Jean M. Albers
Flannery, Rita Theresa Mrs. D.McIlhon
Scalise, Carl Herbert x
Fleming, Leroy Thomas x
Scalise, Mary Margaret Nellie Lavia
41 Frakes, Harry Daniel Dan McIlhon 41 Schneider, Elizabeth Hulda Mrs. G. Fehn
41 Fries, Thomas Walter Gerald Harry Richards 43 Schrodt, Margaret Frances C. Wiedman
41 Gary, Theresa Anne Mary O'Hara 42 Schrodt, Mary Jane Rose Thecla Schrodt
Gillespie, Faye Mary x 42 Sheehan, Elizabeth Marie Cecilia Sheehan
Gillespie, James Joseph Leo Meng
Smith, James Edward George Fehn
41 Gottner, Donald Michael Mr. H. McMichael 41 Smith, Richard C. Joseph C.J. Smith
42 Gottner, Mary Jane Lucile Mrs. A. Anderson
Tiernan, Kenneth Eugene Roy Hockett
Gray, Jacqueline Marie Cecilia Galantine 41 Volz, William Henry Paul Mrs. W. Fitzgerald
43 Groom, Jerome Paul Hugh McGivern 43 Warren, Patricia Mary T. McGlynn
41 Hafner, Rosalie Marie Mrs. R. Wurger
Wieland, James Francis C. Gradoville
41 Hay, Donald Eugene Robert Nemmers 41 Wood, Colleen Marie Mrs. W. Smith
42 Hay, James D John Joseph Kaskie 42 Young, Darlene Catherine L. Proudfit
42 Holland, John Joseph Carl Hoffman 42 x x x
May Crowning, May 1934
This picture contains members of the 1941 and 1942 All Saints Graduation class when they were first graders or in kindergarten.
May Crowning; May, 1934
1st Row X, X, Ruth Anderson, X, Elizabeth Sheehan, X, X
2nd Row X, X, Genevieve Kordick, Kathleen Volz, X, X, Marcella Jamison
May Crowning, May, 1942
Photo: compliments of Mary Ellen Kircher Fisher
May Crowning; May, 1942
1st Row Trainer Bearers: Gale Gibbons, Dale Gibbons, Karen Gustafson, Claradell Gergely, Mary Ellen Kircher, Carolyn Allan
2nd Row X, Phyllis Boatwright, Mary Marge Condon
3rd Row Mary Catherine Maloy, Joan Davitt, Mary Jane Schrodt, Darlene Young, Mary Ann Fehn?, Mary Therese Feeley, Mary Jane Gottner
May Crowning, May, 1942
May Crowning; May, 1942
1st Row Judith Crawford, Gale Gibbons, Dale Gibbons, Karen Gustafson, Claradell Gergely, Mary Ellen Kircher, Carolyn Allan
2nd Row X, Phyllis Boatwright, Mary Marge Condon Curtin
Graduation; May 31, 1942
Photo: compliments of Mary Maloy Nordstrom/Young
Graduation; May 31, 1942
1st Row Daniel F. Brice, Mary Catherine Maloy, Patsy Harty, Mary Therese Feeley, Joan Davitt Meile, Elizabeth Sheehan, Mary Jane Gottner Polich?), Darlene Young, John Holland
2nd Row James Meng, Joseph Campbell, Mary Woods, Mary Margaret Condon, Mary Jane Schrodt, Jacqueline L. Gray, Donald Dean Mitchell, John Brice
3rd Row Thomas Daley, Sister Mary Paula Radosevich, James D. Hay, Jim Smith, John Henry Nemmers, James Francis Wieland, Sister Mary Imelda Fitzpatrick
(Potential list of) Names of Graduates
Boys (11): Daniel F. Brice, James D. Hay, John Holland, James Meng ('41), Donald Dean Mitchell, John Henry Nemmers, John P. Tiernan?, Richard Tiernan?, Donald Volz, James Francis Wieland
Girls (11): Mary Margaret Condon Curtin; Joan Davitt Meile, Mary Therese Feeley, Mary Jane Gottner Polich, Jacqueline L. Gray, Patsy Harty?, Mary Catherine Maloy Nordstrom/Young, Mary Ann Rasmussen Wahl (graduated from Visitation); Mary Jane Schrodt Williams, Elizabeth Sheehan Mead, Darlene Young Miller
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Richard Martin Andrews; Des Moines, IA Roy H. Brede; Medford, WI Kenneth K. Brown "The Fang"; Needham, MA Nevin George Bowser; Wilmette, Illinois Richard Lee Stalcup, North High Class of January, 1949 Robert Lee Gates; North High Class of June, 1949 Robert David Long, North High Class of June, 1949 Deane Gordon Nelsen; North High Class of January, 1949 Theodore Leroy Hatfield; North High Class of June, 1949 Ronald Clair Hartman, Cedar Rapids, IA Therese Lydon Father James C. Maher Donald Rasmussen? Donald Mitchell Richard C. Smith Donald Gottner? Mary Anne Rasmussen Jim McMichael John Holland Jim Smith Mary Lou Ries Nancy Anderson Phyllis Davitt?