Class of 1955
(names of deceased in bold blue font)
First Communion; May, 1948
Photo: compliments of Jack Dice
First Communion; May, 1948
1st Row Diana K. Allison, Carol Forst, Chris Lamberti, Tom McNulty, Mike Ludden, X
2nd Row X, Beverly Ostwinkle, Barbara Ostwinkle, Helene Cecelia Hackley, Carol Ann Kennedy, Mary Kay Dice, Mary Ann Crawford, Judy Buckroyd, Marilyn Piper, X, Kay Hines, Daleth Sparks, Genevieve Kordick, X
3rd Row Joan Ashley, Mary Lou Daly, Veronica Mayrose, Carolyn Pascuzzi, Mary Lou Cunningham, Janice Stoner, Kathleen Yochum, Barbara Balducchi, Bonnie Irelan, Barbara Jean Snyder, Joan Daly, Nancy Jane Dugan, Betty Jean Ashley, Sister Marie Celine
4th Row Father James Cronin Maher, Father Frederick W. Reece, X, X, Donald T. Searcy, Bob Stessman, X, Joey Ellers?, Bob Quinn, Michael McElwee, X
5th Row Altar Boys: Jack Hackley, Jack Dice, Donald Quinn
Note: Dennis Kennedy's first communion will be in May, 1949 photo.
Confirmation; 19?
Confirmation; 19?
Bishop Bergan officiating.
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
May Crowning, May, 1948
This picture contains members of the 1955 All Saints Graduation class when they were first graders.
May Crowning; May, 1948
1st Row Barbara Balducchi, Barbara Jean Snyder, Crown Bearer: Patty Wyman, Marilyn Polito McGillivray, Boy Train Bearer?, Veronica Mayrose, Judy Buckroyd
2nd Row Gail Gustafson Tvedt, Mary Smith Marcey, Mary Kay Dice, Carolyn Pascuzzi, X, Pat Tynan Jamison, Nanette Bradley Coon
3rd Row X, X, X, X, X, Barbara Ostwinkle, Beverly Ostwinkle, X, Mary Ann Crawford
4th Row Marilyn Brown, Margie Shelledy Goff, Joyce Lucille Arlaud McGilvra, Carolyn Craig Davis, Patty Smith Ramey
5th Row Bob Ritchhart, Bob Jamison, Gene Fleming
Note Have identified Mary Kay Dice, Barbara and Beverly Ostwinkle, Carolyn Pascuzzi and Mary Ann Crawford with "mouse rollovers" Need help with identity of other first graders.
May Crowning, May 15, 1955
Photo: compliments of Barbara Balducchi Crosby
May Crowning; May 15, 1955
1st Row Train bearer Bobby Snyder, Crown bearer Pam?
2nd Row Janice Stoner, Barbara Jean Snyder, Carolyn Pascuzzi, Queen Nancy Jane Dugan, Mary Lou Cunningham, Barbara Balducchi, Kathleen Yochum
3rd Row Pat Feeley, Judy Buckroyd, Barbara Ostwinkle, Linda Senn, Helene Hackley, Mary Lou Meyer, Beverly Ostwinkle
Msgr. James Cronin Maher, Barbara Balducchi Sister Marie Celine, Nancy Jane Dugan
Bobby Snyder, Crown Bearer?
Barbara Balducchi, Mary Lou Cunningham
May Crowning; May 15, 1955
Candids: compliments of Barbara Balducchi Crosby
1st Row Kathy Yochum, Carolyn Pascuzzi, Mary Lou Meyer
2nd Row Pat Feeley, Janice Stoner, Mary Lou Cunningham
3rd Row Barbara Jean Snyder, Helene Hackley, Judy Buckroyd, Barbara Ostwinkle, X, Barbara Balducchi, Beverly Ostwinkle
Graduation; May 20, 1955
Photo: compliments of Barbara Balducchi Crosby
Graduation; May 20, 1955
1st Row Chris Lamberti, David Easley, Pat Feeley, Barbara Jean Snyder, Mary Lou Cunningham, Kathleen Yochum, Janice Stoner, Barbara Balducchi, Carolyn Pascuzzi, Thomas A. Griffith, Richard delPrado
2nd Row Nancy Jane Dugan, Mary Lou Meyer, Judy Buckroyd, Barbara Ostwinkle, Linda Senn, Beverly Ostwinkle, Helene Hackley, Father Frederick W. Reece, Sister Marie Celine
3rd Row Father James Cronin Maher, Dennis Kennedy, Michael F. McElwee, Donald T. Searcy, Robert Stessman
Names of 1955 graduates
Boys: Richard DelPrado, David Easley, Gerald Thomas Farrell, 54, Thomas A. Griffith, Dennis Kennedy, Chris D.Lamberti, Michael McElwee?, Donald T. Searcy, Bob Stessman
Girls: Barbara K. Balducchi Crosby, Judy Buckroyd Cox, Mary Lou Cunningham Stout, Mary Kay Dice Aldrich, Nancy Jane Dugan/dec, Helene Cecelia Hackley Fukamizu, Patricia A Feeley Hasenstab, Kay Hines Hutchcroft, Bonnie Irelan?, Veronica Mayrose Wardell, Mary Lou Meyer?, Barbara Ostwinkle Kelley, Beverly A. Ostwinkle Meister, Mary C. Stanfel?, Carolyn Pascuzzi Morse, Linda Senn Davis/dec/AZ, Barbara Jean Snyder/dec, Janice Stoner Scott, Kathleen Yochum Cox
View here for the All Saints Reunion held in 2012: reunion booklet by Dennis Kennedy
Special thanks to Barbara Balducchi, Dennis Kennedy, Carolyn Pascuzzi, and Jan Stoner
who contributed much to the planning of the reunion and this memory book
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Richard Martin Andrews; Des Moines, IA Roy H. Brede; Medford, WI Kenneth K. Brown "The Fang"; Needham, MA Nevin George Bowser; Wilmette, Illinois Richard Lee Stalcup, North High Class of January, 1949 Robert Lee Gates; North High Class of June, 1949 Robert David Long, North High Class of June, 1949 Deane Gordon Nelsen; North High Class of January, 1949 Theodore Leroy Hatfield; North High Class of June, 1949 Ronald Clair Hartman, Cedar Rapids, IA Mary Kay Dice Barbara and Beverly Ostwinkle Carolyn Pascuzzi Mary Ann Crawford Carolyn Pascuzzi Mary Lou Cunningham Donald Searcy Kathleen Yochum Bonnie Irelan Bob Stessman Joey Ellers? Bob Quinn Mike McElsee