Class of 1980
(names of deceased in bold blue font)
get correct photo from Cheryl K Hamilton: First Communion; May, 1973
(Called three times and wrote her a letter; no response. Can someone else help with the picture?)
ALL SAINTS SCHOOL CLASS OF 1980 FIRST COMMUNION (2ND GRADE? 1974?)... back row.. Sr. Jean Marie Baum, (?) Graham, Fr. Gerald Ryan, (?) Leon,....3rd row.. Rollie Graham, Chris O'Connell, Mark Schomer, Chris Graham, Ken Agey, Dan Bauer, Jon Faber, Eddie Zamora..2nd row.. John Fisher,Emmanuel Caldron, Mike Leon, Elizbeth Leon, Nancy S. Kuhlman, Jeannie Walsh, Kristen Oeth, Marcene Ann Schomer... Front row.. Shannon Christy,Dennis Walter,Pat Murray,Katie Wolfe, Carmen Colbert, Nanette Selover, Penny Moore, Cheryl Hamilton— with John T Fisher, Katie Wolfe, Liz Leon-Prescott, Chris Graham, Nancy S. Kuhlman, Ken Agey, Nanette Selover Christie, Dan Bauer, Danny Bauer, Kristen Oeth, Penny Orewiler, Jon Faber and Eddie Zamora.Cheryl K Hamilton
(get correct photo) First Communion; May, 1973
1st Row names for first row starting left to right
2nd Row names for second row starting left to right
3rd Row names
4th Row names
5th Row names
6th Row names. Clergy: Sister?, Father Frederick W. Reece, Father/
(get correct photo) First Communion; May, 1975?
Is this May 1975, since Chris Judge and Tony LaVia are in it?
First Communion; May, 1975
1st Row X, Tony LaVia, X, X
2nd Row Claudia Steinbach, X, X, X, X,
3rd Row X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X
4th Row X, X, X, Chris Judge (second grade), X, X, X,
5th Row Sister Jeanne Marie Roche, Father Jerry (Gerald) Ryan, altar boy, altar boy
Note: Connie Judge is in this photo. She was in the third grade.
Confirmation; 19?
Confirmation; 19?
Bishop Bergan officiating.
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
(get correct photo) May Crowning, May, 1973
This picture contains members of the 1980 All Saints Graduation class when they were first graders.
May Crowning; May, 1973
1st Row X, Sarah Joan Ries Harvey, Madonna Lamberti Gibson, Angel: Kathleen Yochum, Crown Bearer: X, Boy: X, Cece Saunders, Paula Fiori Wilson, Claradell Gergely Shedd, X,
2nd Row Crystal Cole, Grace Poulter, Queen Janet Pritchard, X, Mary Jo Zaun
3rd Row Mary Jo Glenn, X, Diana Allison, Mary Frances Katzureck Siegenthaler, Ellen Louise Redick, Carol Forest, Patty Wyman, Peggy Zaun Grimes
4th Row Patsy Coburn Zook, Mary Lou Anderson Young, Susan Walsh Wilmore, Joanne Kircher Hunt, Mary Ellen Apker Sigler, Sally O'Brien Smith Price, Joanne Holland Douglas
May Crowning, May, 1980
May Crowning; May, 1980
1st Row names
2nd Row names
Class of 1980 as 8th Graders; photo taken 1979-80
Photo: compliments of Connie Judge
Eighth Grade; 1979-1980
Top Sister Mary Paula Radosevich, Sister Frances Cabrini, CHM, Jon Faber, Janet Johnston, Paul Vance, Jennie Walsh, Dan Bauer, Connie Judge
2nd Row Mark Schomer, Marcene Schomer, David Brownell, Pam Vance, Chris Graham, Penny Moore, John Fisher, Nancy Kuhlman
3rd Row Denise Storrs, Shannon Christy, Cathy Warner, Dennis Walter, Kristen Oeth, Mike Leon, Elizabeth Leon, Chris Steinbach
4th Row Carrie Mathiesen, Nanette Selover, Cheryl Hamilton
All Saints Catholic Grade School
Prophecy - Class of 1980
Copy is compliments of Connie Judge
We, the class of 1980, make the following predictions about the All Saints Class of 1980:

In the year 2000, in the town of Twinsville, Iowa, you will find Cheryl Hamilton as the town's very successful veterinarian.
Mark Schomer is her able advisor and assistant.

The modeling school and beauty counseling service is run by Denise Storrs.

Jeannie Walsh is the city's famous poet and librarian.

Kristen Oeth is the principal of the Twinsville Public School. The eighth grade teacher there is Cathy Warner. She loves teaching.

As the one and only Catholic Church in town, you will find Father David Brownell.

John Fisher's bait shop is doing quite well, with John's help, of course!

Chris Graham, the city's only physician, has much too much to do. He's getting gray hair!

Danny Bauer is chief of police and his finest police assistant is Paul Vance. Paul is chief of detectives.

On Main Street, you will find Shannon's Shocking Service. Shannon Christy is the best electrical contractor for miles around.

Nanette's School of Dance is also found on Main Street. It is operated by Nanette Selover.

Pam Vance and Penni Moore can be found each day typing away at the desks in their insurance agency.

Carrie Mathiesen is the best nurse to be found in the whole county!

Janet Johnston, who always loved to cook, operates a beautiful supper club that is famous throughout the state.

You'd never have guessed it in 1980, but Jon Faber did become a lawyer--and so did David Dennis. They have a law practice together in a nearby town. For weekend recreation, they play in a rock group band.

Connie Judge opened an Art Store shortly after arriving in town. Her paintings are beautiful.

Dennis Walter's Men's Clothing Store is prospering so he has decided to open a Sports Equipment Store. He was lucky enough to get Mike Leon to be his partner in this latest venture.

Marcene Schomer keeps her home in Twinsville, but is "on the road" a great deal playing ball for the Iowa Cornets. Yes, they're still around!

Elizabeth Leon owns Liz's Boutique. Her custom designed jewelry is so unique! Orders for the jewelry come from the whole Midwest.

Last, but certainly not least, is Nancy Kuhlman. Maybe we should have listed Nancy first because she is the Mayor of Twinsville. She must be doing a great job--she's been mayor for 7 years.

We knew they'd do a variety of things when they were "Out on their own".

WHAT A VARIETY! ! ! ! ! !
Graduation; May, 1980
Photo: compliments of Connie Judge
Graduation; May, 1980
1st Row Dennis J. Walter, II, Shannon C. Christy, John Fisher, Sister Mary Paula Radosevich
2nd Row Father Frank D. Nugent, Nanette Selover, Nancy S. Kuhlman, Penny Moore, Elizabeth Leon, Cathy Warner, David Brownell
3rd Row Chris Graham, Mike Leon, Pam Vance, Cheryl K. Hamilton, Kristen Oeth, Jeannie Walsh, Janet Johnston
4th Row Mark Schomer, Dan Bauer
5th Row Sister Frances Cabrini, Paul Vance, Dave Dennis, Jon Faber, Denise Storrs, Marcene Schomer, Connie Judge
.— with Chris Graham, Nanette Selover Christie, Nancy S. Kuhlman, Penny Marie Moore Orewiler, Liz Leon-Prescott, Pilipinas Got Talent 2-Elizabeth Dazo & Leonil Enopia, Denise Bagley, Kristen Oeth, Cathy Besh, Connie Judge and David Brownell.
Names of 1980 graduates
Boys: Daniel Bauer, David Brownell, David L. Dennis, Jon Faber, John T. Fisher, Michael Garcia?, Christopher E. Graham, Mike Leon, Mark Schomer, Paul A. Vance, Dennis J.Walter, II
Girls: Denise Bagley, Cathy Besh, Cheryl K Hamilton Willson, Kristin Brown, Shannon Christy, Janet Johnston, Connie M. Judge, Nancy S. Kuhlman/dec1983, Elizabeth A. Leon-Prescott, Penny Marie Moore Orewiler, Kristen Oeth, Marcene Ann Schomer DeStafano?(NHS), Nanette M.Selover Christie, Janette T. Smith, Chris Steinbach, Denise Storrs, Pam Vance, Jeannie Walsh, Cathy Warner
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Richard Martin Andrews; Des Moines, IA Roy H. Brede; Medford, WI Kenneth K. Brown "The Fang"; Needham, MA Nevin George Bowser; Wilmette, Illinois Richard Lee Stalcup, North High Class of January, 1949 Robert Lee Gates; North High Class of June, 1949 Robert David Long, North High Class of June, 1949 Deane Gordon Nelsen; North High Class of January, 1949 Theodore Leroy Hatfield; North High Class of June, 1949 Ronald Clair Hartman, Cedar Rapids, IA Paula Fiori Mary Jo Zaun Patty Wyman Carol Forrest Madonna Lamberti Crystal Cole Grace Poulter ? Allison Mary Frances Katzureck Ellen Louise Redick Cece Saunders