Class of 1993
(names of deceased in bold blue font)
In an effort to try to keep All Saints School, a kindergarten class was started in the fall of 1984. This is the first class (grade 5 in 1990) to attend that kindergarten. They received their First Communion in second grade on March 29, 1987. Their last year at All Saints was the spring of 1990 at the end of their fifth grade. This is also the last year All Saints had 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.
First Communion; March 29, 1987 (as second graders)
Photo and identification: compliments of Candy Brafford
First Communion; March 29, 1987 (second grade)
1st Row Erin Shannon, Sara Campbell, Sarah Dirks, Katie Williams, Andrea Flanagan, Melissa Polito, Miss Julie DeMicco
2nd Row Aileen Redhead, Andrea Vuper, Angela Ford, Rachel Adams, Nicole Weinkauf, Amanda Fitch
3rd Row Father Frank Palmer, Scott Bishop, Timothy Stemler, Thomas Willard, Joshua Peters, Michael Brafford, Donald Greenland, Mark Wheeler
Class of 1993 as 5th graders in 1990
Fifth Grade; 1990

Mrs. Becky Post, Monica Berenguel, Scott Bishop, Michael Brafford, Sara Campbell, Sarah Dirks, Sally Downing, Angela Ford

Row 2 Donny Greenland, Tim McFadden, Aileen Redhead, Erin Shannon, Andrea Vuper, Nichole Weinkauf, Tommy Willard, Katie Williams
Confirmation; 19?
Confirmation; 19?
Bishop Bergan officiating.
1st Row names
2nd Row names
3rd Row names
4th Row names
(get correct photo) May Crowning, May, 1985
This picture contains members of the 1992 All Saints Graduation class when they were first graders.
May Crowning; May, 1985
1st Row X, Sarah Joan Ries Harvey, Madonna Lamberti Gibson, Angel: Kathleen Yochum, Crown Bearer: X, Boy: X, Cece Saunders, Paula Fiori Wilson, Claradell Gergely Shedd, X,
2nd Row Crystal Cole, Grace Poulter, Queen Janet Pritchard, X, Mary Jo Zaun
3rd Row Mary Jo Glenn, X, Diana Allison, Mary Frances Katzureck Siegenthaler, Ellen Louise Redick, Carol Forest, Patty Wyman, Peggy Zaun Grimes
4th Row Patsy Coburn Zook, Mary Lou Anderson Young, Susan Walsh Wilmore, Joanne Kircher Hunt, Mary Ellen Apker Sigler, Sally O'Brien Smith Price, Joanne Holland Douglas
May Crowning, May, 1992
May Crowning; May, 1992
1st Row names
2nd Row names
(get correct photo) Graduation; June, 1992
get correct photo for Graduation; June, 1992
1st Row X, X, Judy Arlaud, Nancy Ann Boudewyns, Marilyn Allgood, X, X, Mary Ellen Vestal X, X, Father Frederick W. Reece
2nd Row X, Jim O'Brien, X, William J. Shelledy, X, Richard L. Comito, X, X, X
3rd Row Father James C. Maher, X, X, X, X, X, X, X

(potential list of) Names of 1993 graduates (had they graduated from All Saints)

Boys: Scott Bishop, Michael Brafford, Donald Greenland, Joshua Peters, Timothy Stemler, Mark Wheeler, Thomas Willard
Girls: Rachel Adams, Sara Campbell, Sarah Dirks, Amanda Fitch, Andrea Flanagan, Angela Ford, Melissa Polito, Aileen Redhead, Erin Shannon, Andrea Vuper, Nicole Weinkauf, Katie Williams
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Richard Martin Andrews; Des Moines, IA Roy H. Brede; Medford, WI Kenneth K. Brown "The Fang"; Needham, MA Nevin George Bowser; Wilmette, Illinois Richard Lee Stalcup, North High Class of January, 1949 Robert Lee Gates; North High Class of June, 1949 Robert David Long, North High Class of June, 1949 Deane Gordon Nelsen; North High Class of January, 1949 Theodore Leroy Hatfield; North High Class of June, 1949 Ronald Clair Hartman, Cedar Rapids, IA Paula Fiori Mary Jo Zaun Patty Wyman Carol Forrest Madonna Lamberti Crystal Cole Grace Poulter ? Allison Mary Frances Katzureck Ellen Louise Redick Cece Saunders